Tuesday Top 10: My Favorite Cities in Europe

I’m a big fan of lists as a way to organize everything, and as a way to collect my thoughts and reflect on some of my favorite things. I thought it would be fun to do a series of Top 10 lists, and because I also love alliteration, I decided that these should happen on Tuesdays!

My first list is of my Top 10 favorite cities in Europe, with #1 being my all-time favorite (and if you’ve read my previous posts, you won’t be surprised by what it is!). These places have also been my favorite to photograph, and when it comes to traveling, that’s always a big part of the experience for me.

10. Seville, Spain

#10 Seville, 2007 © Taryn Ocko Photography

9. Budapest, Hungary

#9 Budapest, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

8. Vienna, Austria

#8 Vienna, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

7. Prague, Czech Republic

#7 Prague, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

6. London, England

#6 London, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

5. Paris, France

#5 Paris, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

#4 Amsterdam, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

#3 Edinburgh, 2014 © Taryn Ocko Photography

2. Lisbon, Portugal

#2 Lisbon, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

#1 Copenhagen, 2011 © Taryn Ocko Photography

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