Beautiful, Magical Iceland

A couple months ago, my husband and I traveled to Iceland for our honeymoon (seven months after our actual wedding!). We decided on Iceland for many reasons, but these were a few that really sealed the deal: we wanted to go somewhere that was a little different, we wanted to spend time in a cool city but also be immersed in nature, and we are huge animal lovers and love to visit places where wildlife is a main focus.

In short, it was absolutely incredible! I have been lucky to travel to many places, but Iceland quickly became one of my favorites in the entire world. The nature is dramatic, with sweeping landscapes that change suddenly from volcanic lava fields, to snow-capped mountains, to stunning waterfalls, to a beautiful (and dangerous!) ocean. Reykjavik was an adorable little city, with a plethora of cozy coffee shops, beautiful bookstores, and a lovely harbor where we were lucky to take two excursions out of — one to whale-watch, and one to visit a tiny island entirely inhabited by puffins.

I could write A LOT more about this beautiful, magical place, but I will let some of my favorite photos from the trip speak for themselves. 🙂



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